How to work in Australia

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    Our tips for your first days! Learn about the first steps to get a job in Australia.

    • Tax File Number
    • Australian Business Number
    • Bank Account
    • Certificates


    Are you looking for a work experience?

    For the majority of you, our clients, the reason to come to Australia is to travel and to learn or improve your English. At the same time, we know how important is to find a job and earn some money to cut down the expense of your trip.

    Furthermore, getting a job is a great way to make new friends and practice your English skills.

    On the Job section of our website you can find useful information which will help you to make a clear picture of what you can really expect from Australia regarding job opportunities.


    Can you work in Australia holding a Student Visa?

    As a holder of a student visa you can legally work in Australia under the following conditions:

    • You can start working after your school/course has started
    • You cannot work more than 48 hours per fortnight when studying your course, during school holidays, you can work as many hours as you wish
    • You can work without limitation during school holidays and in the time between two courses
    • For further information about student visas click here.


    Who can help you to find a job?

    Information Planet has specialized department where our team members are able to give you a guideline on the Job Search. If you wish to check your resume please to send us the e-mail to

    Amongst all the benefits of being our client, you can rely on our team of specialists in Australia (see section our Job services) as well as specialized consultants in your home country.


    Are you looking for resume model?

    Free download of different resume samples to help you searching for jobs!


    Jobs Online

    Searching for a job? Find a list of websites with lots of opportunities!


    Before you start to look for a job in Australia, you first need to prepare your:


    Before looking for a job, what should you learn?

    Before you start looking for a job there is a few things you should understand:



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