Teaching English courses

Teaching English courses, such as TESOL, ETYL/TECSOL, CELTA


TESOL – Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

This course is designed for students interested in teaching English in countries around the world. You will become skilled, trained and certified in TESOL. There are various specific types of TESOL courses to undertake, such as CELTA course explained below.

To enter this course, the minimum of an Upper-intermediate English level is required.


CELTA - Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults

This a specific course of TESOL course finishing with a certificate issued by the University of Cambridge. It is very well-known around the world. You will be able to teach English in countries around the world.


ETYL/TECSOL – English for Teaching Younger Learners

The course teaches the students teaching methodology for younger learners. Minimum of an intermediate English level is required.


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