Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, Masters Degree, Doctorate, and PhD.

These courses vary in duration from 6 months to 3 years and the starting dates are usually set for February and July, in some cases, September or November as well depending on the Institution.

Universities require a higher level of English. Students will be required to take an official IELTS exam with a band score of at least 6.0 and an overall of 6.5 minimum (Academic module).

As there are many courses offered, it is ideal do some research to find a course that best suits your requirements. Our Educational Experts at Information Planet offices can help you in finding the best options according to your profile and preferences.

As prerequirement,having completed a Bachelor degree (either in Australia or home country) is crucial and a translation of the respective academic transcripts will be needed if Bachelor degree was obtained overseas.

Information Planet has a partner that can help you with documents translation. Contact one of our offices for more details.


Postgraduate Studies

These qualifications are generally designed for specific vocational purposes, either to expand skills and knowledge already gained in an undergraduate program or the development of vocational skills and knowledge in a new professional area.

The requirement is usually six months to a year of full-time study for the graduate certificate and one to two years of full-time study for the graduate diploma. Entry usually requires a bachelor degree or advanced diploma.

The qualifications include:

Masters degree, Masters degree (coursework), Masters degree (research), Masters degree (extended), Doctoral Degree, Research doctorate (PhD) and Professional doctorate.


Masters Degree

A Masters Degree is an academic qualification granted at the postgraduate level, an intensive learning experience that incorporates undergraduate studies and experience gained from employment.

Students who graduate with a masters degree should possess advanced knowledge of a specialized body of theoretical and applied topics, a high level of skills and techniques associated with their chosen subject area, and a range of transferable and professional skills gained through independent and highly focused learning and research.

As many masters degrees are designed for working professionals, you will find many options available in a variety of flexible study modes.

There are two types of studies:

  • A taught course will comprise of lectures and seminars that are divided by modules. They include masters courses and MBAs. Students tend to be assessed by exams, coursework and a dissertation.
  • A research course will involve a lot more independent learning than a taught course. Doctorates are an example whereby students typically spend three to six years investigating a research project.

Masters degrees typically take one to three years to complete


Why study for a masters degree?

Study a Master Degree is a great choice for who wants to explore and go further on a particular subject. It will help you improve important skills and is great for career development, employability, professional specialization and chance to network regularly.

In Australia you will find many areas of specialisation like Accounting, Business Management, Arts, Administration, Tourism and more. Come to Information Planet Offices to talk with our educational experts to find the best Masters Degree in Australia



The Masters in Business Administration will develop the skills required in business administration and management across many different disciplines.

It is focused on the practical application including problem-solving in the business environment.

It includes theoretical approaches of economics, measurement, governance, psychology, human behaviour, and leadership, the opportunity to explore courses outside the main business programs such as microeconomics, competitive dynamics, and statistics.

This is a great choice for taking your career to a next level.

The MBA programs usually requires a certain amount of work experience and takes between 2 to 3 years to be completed.


Doctoral degree

Is usually completed over three to four years of full-time study. The doctoral degree may be offered in two formats:

  • Research doctorate (PhD): is a supervised research resulting in the completion of a thesis. Entry requires a masters degree by research or a bachelor degree (honours).
  • Professional doctorate: combine coursework and research for professionals looking forward to promote their knowledge in their field without the research commitment of a PhD. Entry usually requires a masters degree by research or a bachelor degree (honours). Besides that, considerable professional experience is required either before or during the course.


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