Job Service Department

In what ways do we service you?

Our Job Service Department is here to give our students free assistance during their stay in Australia. We will help you with:

  • All the necessary information and documentation that you need to find a job
  • The procedure and necessary steps that you will have to pass through in order to find a job
  • The necessary courses and training with respective exclusive discounted prices for Information Planet's students


What else can our Job Service Department offer you?

Information Planet team provides you with important information on:

  • Application forms (resumes, cover letters, reference letters)
  • Job average Vs English Level click here
  • Employer's expectations and general work conditions in Australia
  • Tax obligation, superannuation, and certified documents
  • Drivers license and Photo Card
  • Public transport in Australia
  • Translation of documents - NAATI Accreditation
  • Short training courses - book us now!
  • Internship programs information - for more information click here
  • USI Number (Unique Student Identifier)
  • Mobile SIM (useful to contact potential employers)
  • Weekly Job Newsletter (more information below)

Come to our free seminars!

  • Welcome to Australia (useful information about the Australian lifestyle)
  • Job & Resume Preparation (orientation about job hunting in Australia)
  • Waiter Skills & Work as a Cleaner (learn the basic techniques to work as a waiter or cleaner in Australia)

Find the seminars timetable here.

Job Newsletter every Wednesday in your email!

Every Wednesday our Job Service Department sends a Job Newsletter with interesting jobs offers from Information Planet and from job search websites. Information Planet is willing to help their students to find a job that allows them to cover their expenses while in Australia.

If you need any help regarding work in Australia contact our Job Service Department:


Job Service Department - Information Planet Australia

(02)9283 6161 Sydney

(02)9977 0499 Manly

(08)9221 8022 Perth

(03)9600 0646 Melbourne

(07)3003 1134 Brisbane

(08)8232 4777 Adelaide

(07)5661 2751 Gold Coast
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