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Australian Job Rights

Where do I get more information about my rights in Australia?


Fair Work Ombudsman - www.fairwork.gov.au

Here you will find all the information and advice regarding your workplace rights and obligations.


Fair Work Australia - Official government’s regulatory organ - www.fwa.gov.au

Here you will find more information regarding workplace legislation.


NSW Industrial Relations - www.industrialrelations.nsw.gov.au

Here you will find workplace legislation tips for Employees and Employers across NSW.


Australian Taxation Office - www.ato.gov.au

Information for individuals and businesses regarding tax obligations, applying for tax file number, tax calculator and more.


Department of Education and Training relations - www.education.gov.au


Department of Employment relations - www.employment.gov.au

It is government agencies providing national leadership in education and workplace training, transition to work and conditions and values in the workplace.


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