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Vocational Courses

Vocational courses are called Vocational Education Training (VET) in Australia. These schools are recognized worldwide because of the practical experience and knowledge they teach you.

These courses teach subjects that are practical based on the course you are learning. It links the information in the textbooks with practical knowledge. This is very helpful to you when you graduate and work in the area of study.


How can I get in?

You need to have studied English or have at least an Upper Intermediate English level.  Some schools have direct links with VET schools. Others, you will need to apply to and show all the documents for the application.

Some VET schools may ask you to sit a placement test to make sure you have the right English level to understand the course. 


Would you like to know more about it?

Vocational schools are flexible with their timetable. Classes can be held in the morning, afternoon or evening. Attendance can vary from 2 to 4 days per week depending on what you study.

Vocational schools assess your academic performance, which means that you need to pass all academic exams and assignments to pass the course.

Some schools have Recognition for Prior Learning (RPL) when you show official documents of what you have studied previously and your work experience. This can reduce the length of your course by up to 6 months!
NSW Government information about VET courses.

Australia Vocational Education


What kind of course can I study at VET schools?
  • Business Management
  • Business Marketing
  • International Business
  • Business Administration
  • Finance Studies
  • Event Management / Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Information Technology
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography, Film & Video
  • Public Relations
  • Child Care
  • Hospitality/Hotel Management
  • Natural Therapies
  • Fitness, Sport, Yoga Courses and many others!


Are there any differences between VETs?

Vocational courses are offered at different quality and price levels in Australia.


Would you like to study in Australia and not spend heaps of money?

Australia has all sort of vocational courses for you to chose from in different VET schools. Competition has beaten the prices of these schools down to from AU$1.200 to AU$2.500 per term (12 weeks).

These colleges adjust their training programs to the needs of foreign students:

  • They enable students to study with flexible schedules (morning classes, afternoon or evening classes), which enable students to combine their study with their work.
  • The lessons are usually only 36 weeks per year, thus students have long holidays (16 weeks).  


Would you like to invest in good education?

Australia has some of the best colleges. At these schools the price of courses varies from $3.000 AUD to $6.000 AUD per semester (20 weeks). The providers of this type of education are both private and public colleges and universities. These schools demand stricter attendance (around 4 days per week). The schools differ from others in the following aspects:

  • Much higher quality of education
  • Mostly Australian students
  • Wider range of subjects and courses (reflected by the higher price)
  • The lessons usually run 40 weeks per year
  • Professional practice in the field of the study may be offered


What qualifications do I finish with?

The qualifications which you can receive at Australian vocational and technical schools fulfill international standards and will prepare you for a wide range of employment positions in addition to credit for future study. Depending on what you study and how long it takes, you can receive different types of certifications. There are six different levels you can graduate from. The levels are:

  • Certificate – 2-3 months
  • Certificate II – 3-6 months
  • Certificate III – 6-9 months
  • Certificate IV – 9-12 months
  • Diploma – 1-1.5 years
  • Advanced Diploma – 2-2.5 years


Higher Education Courses

Higher Education Courses are classified as: Undergraduate and Postgraduate

Higher education courses can be taken to earn an advanced degree and continue your studies in Australia. There are three main types of higher education consisting of Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degrees.

In Australia it is quite common for students to enrol in a double or combined Bachelor Degree program which leads to the awarding of two Bachelor Degrees. This is most common in the fields of arts, commerce, law and science.

Australian institutions offer a wide range of courses – from science to management and commerce, humanities to engineering, and law to health sciences. Australian institutions rank among the world’s best by discipline, particularly in engineering and technology, medicine, environmental science, and accounting and finance.


Most popular areas of study are:

  • Accounting
  • Architecture
  • Business
  • Design
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing/Commerce
  • Nursing


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