What is homestay?

Homestay is the perfect choice if you would like to live with an ‘Australian’ family and learn about the Australian lifestyle and culture.

Some students choose to stay with a homestay family at the beginning of their trip to Australia so they can help them settle in and they can learn how to get around.


Is it totally safe?

Different schools and educational providers offer homestay accommodation in short or long term basis. All families are carefully selected according to strict criteria.


How does it work?

  • You will live with an Australian family
  • The minimum length of stay is usually 4 weeks
  • You will have your own room (sometimes there are two students in a room) and the equipment of the room varies in different host families (TV, PC, etc.)
  • You will share other areas of flat/house (living room, garden, swimming pool, etc.) with other members of the host family.
  • You will have your meals provided by the host family – half board (breakfast and dinner) during working days, full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner) during weekends  


When can I arrange my homestay?

The time to arrange everything is before your arrival in Australia. You can speak to one of our counselors and let them know you would like to have this service. Our staff will get some personal details and will arrange the most suitable family for you. Normally, information about your homestay family will be given to you before you leave your country so you can decide whether it is the right homestay family for your needs.


What are the benefits?

  • You will improve your English speaking to Australians
  • You will have your meals provided (two meals during working days, three meals during weekends is generally the standard, but there can be exceptions)
  • Your host family may arrange social events like barbecue, trips, sightseeing around the city
  • Your host family will give you important information about the transport system, the best way to get to your school and general advise
  • Your homestay family can provide a guardianship if you are under 18 years-old


What are the cons?

  • You have to accept the rules set by your host family
  • It is more expensive than other types of accommodation
  • Some homestays can be located further away from the city centre than other accommodations
  • The flexibility at a homestay is not as big as in other kinds of accommodation


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