IELTS Preparation

What does IELTS mean?

IELTS stands for ‘International English Language Testing System’. The IELTS exam is internationally recognized as an assessment of your English skills. It is recognized in Australia, New Zealand, USA, and United Kingdom by immigration authorities, professional companies and universities.


When are they held and where?

IELTS exams are held every month at official IELTS testing centres. Bookings need to be made in advance to secure a place. Visit to find the closest official IELTS testing centre.


What is the exam?

The IELTS exam shows your level of English and the results can be used when applying to any Vocational schools, TAFE, and Universities. It is one of the documents you need to show when applying for an Australian permanent visa.

The exam consists of four ‘bands’: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Each band is marked from 1 to 9 with an overall band score at the end. The overall band shows the level of English that you have reached.

IELTS is available in two formats - General Training and Academic.


General IELTS

Recommended for candidates that are going to an English-speaking country to work or study at a vocational level.

It tests your English skills emphasizing day-to-day vocabulary in a work environment or everyday life.

General IELTS can also be used for Immigration purposes in Australia, Canada and New Zealand.


Academic IELTS

The Academic Reading and Writing modules evaluate if you are ready to study at an undergraduate or postgraduate level. Uni studies require an excellent English level as you need to write lots of assignments and read books or papers.

Therefore, if you want to study at any University, this is the format you will need to take. The minimum overall mark to be accepted at Uni ranges between 6.5 to 7.5. 


When do IELTS courses start?

IELTS preparation courses at language schools in Australia usually start every month. IELTS exams are held usually every week at official IELTS testing centres. Visit for more information.


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