Backpackers and Hostels

When should I use hostel/ backpacker accommodation?

Hostels and backpackers are great and convenient if you are staying for a short time in Australia.

You can stay at hostels for one day or even a week. Mostly it is used when travelling around Australia or as a temporary stay while looking for a permanent home.


How much are they?

The prices of hostels are about $25 AUD per day. The price will vary depending on how many people you are sharing the room with (usually 2 to 8 people) and how long you are going to stay for.


What are the benefits?

  • There is a wide network of hostels in Australia and worldwide
  • It is extremely flexible and not so essential to book this accommodation in advance (exceptions for high seasons such as Christmas and New Years Eve)
  • You can use often a membership card which gives you access to membership rates for accommodation as well as other price reductions
  • Many social events happen at the hostel or venues next to it
  • Great way to see the city and meet new people from around the world
  • Hostels are often located comfortably in the city centre
  • There is the possibility of staying just for one day


What are the cons?

  • It is not the ideal accommodation if you are thinking of staying for a long time
  • Lack of privacy – you will probably share your room with 2 to 8 strangers
  • Not much storage space (there are usually no shelves, wardrobes, etc.)
  • In high season the hostels can be fully booked


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