Austay Accommodation

AUSTAY Accommodation was established in 2001 to provide quality and affordable serviced share accommodation for international students in Sydney. Their office is conveniently located at our city office in Sydney. They run all together 7 houses/apartments located within 20 minutes from the city centre of Sydney with a capacity of 70 beds.


AUSTAY Accommodation co-operates with agencies from all around the world to ensure a good international mix of students in each property. You can find all necessary information related to the AUSTAY accommodation at Information Planet offices.


For further information, contact AUSTAY Accommodation at or


What are the main characteristics of AUSTAY?

  • Their houses and flats are fully equipped with wireless connection to the Internet.
  • Austay offers room of your choice - spacious, tidy and homely houses and apartments offer single, twin share rooms and rooms with own bathroom
  • In every house there is a house manager who is responsible for running the house smoothly, ensuring that ground rules such as keeping the house clean and tidy are being respected.
  • The properties are easily reached by public transport - situated 20 minutes travel time from the city centre; within a walking distance to the train station.
  • Minimum length of stay in this kind of accommodation is two weeks and it can be easily extended.



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