English for Academic Purpose

What is EAP?

English for Academic Purposes is designed for students interested in studying at Vocational school or University in Australia.


What is the benefit of doing this specific course?

Most of the English schools in Australia have direct entry to Vocational schools or Universities. Students will be automatically accepted if they have successfully completed the EAP course and will not need to undertake the IELTS exam.


What is its difference?

If you choose to do the EAP module, you have to show your commitment with your studies. It is extremely important that you don't skip any class, as you will learn skills that will help with your further studies. The basic skills are essay & report writing and presentation skills.

Also, EAP is graded on the IELTS band scale.


What do I need to get into Vocational/Universities?

In order to be accepted at Vocational schools, the candidate will have to show that he or she has successfully completed the particular level of EAP or a minimum of 5.5 on General IELTS.

For Universities, the candidate needs a particular level of EAP or 6.5 on Academic IELTS.


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