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Information Planet co-operates with many agencies specialized in accommodation in Australia, so we can arrange for you the most suitable accommodation before your arrival to Australia. The best reason to get everything arranged is that you do not need to worry about fulfillment of often difficult requirements to get suitable accommodation (for example, demonstrate sufficient income, pay high refundable bond, present recommendations from your previous accommodation, etc.) after your arrival.

Our specialists in Information Planet offices will provide you with valuable advice and answer your questions about accommodation in Australia. 


Which are the main types of accommodation in Australia?

In Australia you can find the following main types of accommodation:


How should I pay for the accommodation?

In Australia it is common to pay on a weekly basis with the exception of hotels, motels, caravan parks and hostels; where you can pay for a single day.
The prices of accommodation vary according to the:

  • Place
  • Size
  • Facilities or equipment
  • Season


Which other factors can influence the price?

The prices of accommodation are generally run by the following rules:

  • The longer stay, the lower price
  • The higher number of students/people in the room/house, the lower price
  • The bigger distance from city centre, the lower price
  • Hotels/backpackers have higher prices during the season
  • The higher quality, better equipped of accommodation, the higher price


What prices I can expect?

  • Homestay - from $250 per week

Usually not in the city centre, accessible by train or bus from the centre

  • Share Accommodation - from $165 per week

Very often outside the centre, accessible by train or bus; the ones in the centre are more expensive.

  • Hostel / Backpacker - from $25 per night

In the city centre or close to it

  • Own flat - from $490 per week

Average price of a three-bedroom house near the city centre


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