Internship Programs

What is an Internship?

An Internship is a program designed to provide “hands on” professional work experience in your area of work.
The program is specifically tailored to suit each individual’s professional needs, by setting development goals and offering entry-level workplace opportunities based on their academic studies.


Internships in Australia

Internships are common all over the world and in Australia too!
The internship programs offered in Australia are usually not paid. Companies offer volunteer work experience in their field. This can lead to a paid job within the company if available.


Benefits of Internship in Australia

Internships in any foreign country is a great way to improve your English, meet interesting people and learn from industry professionals who work in your area. Other benefits include:

  • Gain valuable knowledge about your industry
  • Practical application to current or previous studies
  • Improve your resume with Australian industry experience within a recognized company in Australia
  • Establish an international business network
  • Experience work life in Australia
  • Receive a reference from your host company
  • Kick-start your career

How can I join an Internship Program?

Information Planet, in partnership with Professional Pathways Australia, one of the biggest and most recognized companies in Australia that specializes in placing students and graduates in internships within host companies across Australia, can help you with every step of your program application.

What can I choose?

Applicants can choose:

  • The internship field
  • The start date
  • The city
  • The duration of the program (minimum of 6 weeks)



To be eligible for an internship you must have:

  • English proficiency level
  • Previous study and work experience related to the chosen internship field
  • Be a recent graduate (not more than 2 years after your graduation)
  • Appropriate visa (Student, Working holiday or Special program visa)
  • The motivation to undertake an internship

Internship fields

Category 1 – common field:

Advertising, Business Administration, Event Management, Finance, Hospitality, Human Resources, Import/Export, IT, Legal, Logistics, Market Research. Marketing, NPO, Public Relations, Real State, Sports/Fitness, and Travel & Tourism.


Category 2 – non common field

Architecture, Biological Research, Biopharmacy, Education Administration, Engineering, Environmental, Fashion, Insurance, Interior Design, Journalism, Manufacturing, Media / Arts / Entertainment, Pharmaceutical, Psychology, Telecommunications, TV / Film, and Others.


What can you expect from an internship?

  • Professional work experience in your area of studies/interest
  • Learn from industry professionals in a supervised and guided environment
  • An improvement in their current skills, including business English skills
  • in a multicultural environment
  • Increase their confidence and self-knowledge.


What you can’t expect from an internship

  • A job offer or sponsorship for permanent residence
  • Salary or payment (except sometimes for minor expenses but depends on company policy)
  • High-level tasks normally performed by very experienced or managerial staff
  • Any particular company size or international profile.
  • Highly specialized fields unless confirmed with us prior to beginning the placement.



If you are interested or would like more information, please speak to one of our Student Counselors in our Job Service Department or attend an Internship seminar!

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