Cafes & Restaurants



Applies to the selected meal, between the tree options and get 10% off!

Feijoada, Prato Feito or Stroganoff

Shop 25, Town Hall Square, Sydney



Tommy's Beer

Happy hour! $5 for 0,5L beer ( Mon-Fri 4pm-5pm)
10% Discount on meals. Traditional Czech cuisine with draft beer in Glebe.
Visit us and try our Spit roast suckling pig, Roasted duck or
Slovak halusky.



I love pizza

15%OFF (any day) for Pick Up Pizzas in any store. You must present your IP Student/Membership card on pick up.



Silo Espresso

Coffee Discount
Small coffee for $2 or large for $3 if the student gets any food with it



Farma - Town Hall (Sydney)

10% of meals

Town Hall Square, 23 Kent Street, Millers Point NSW 2000

Farma Food


Helo Crush Cup

AUD 17.50 to AUD 15, per product and no delivery cost





Cafe con Leche

10% discount for dine-in or take away meals/beverages (the discount is not available on retail purchases)

104 Fitzroy St, Surry Hills NSW 2010



The Hot Dog Man

$10 GOURMET DEAL’S  Every Monday & Tuesday

HOTDOG: Triple Smoked, Chilli, Cheddar & Pork Sausage With Sauerkraut & Hot English Mayo 
CHEESEBURGER: Grass Fed, Black Angus Beef Patty With American Cheddar & Chef’s Special Sauce

Include a Drink & Potato Royales



Yogurt Land

20% off for our students when they go to the shop and show their IP Student Card


Manly venue only*

Monday to Thursday: half-liter beer with the price $12,50 for $8,50.

Everyday: Butterscotch for $5,00.

The Bavarian Manly


10% of discount in Prato Feito (PF), Moqueca and Feijoada.

Vini's Cafe


- If the students buy a combo with 10 "salgadinhos", they get a soft drink for free


10% discount on each purchase

BBQ Ready


10% of discount



Get a free soft drink on Mondays and Tuesdays with any meal purchased.

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