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Braza Churros

10% OFF for IP Students                                                                                                                          



Rock Dreams Cafe

Buy a breakfast or burger between 8am -12pm and get a regular coffee or soft drink

*One per person                                                                                                                    



Back Cave

15% OFF for IP Students       

*pickup and dine in only                                                                                                        



Doce Vida Sweets


15% OFF for IP Students                                                                                                          



Cozy Cake


Buy one coffee get a free cheese puff

*Offer valid till stocks last                                                                                                             



Brazilian Foods


10% off

Buy from $50 and get free delivery.                                                                                               



Brazilian Foods


Buy $250 in BBQ products and get 4 hours of BBQ cook person service

*This deal doesn't include extras items                                                                                           



Bella's Food


10% OFF for IP students.                                                                                                                

580 Mediterranean Kitchen



580 Mediterranean Kitchen.


Any meal for $10 for IP students.

Also, a fresh juice for $5 in the bar next to the shop.



Tommys Beer Café

10% Discount for meals. Traditional Czech cuisine with draft beer in Glebe.
Visit us and try our Spit roast suckling pig, Roasted duck or Slovak halusky.




Coffee Discount
Small coffee for $2 or large for $3 if the student gets any food with it


Farma - Town Hall

10% off on meals


Cafe con Leche

10% off discount for dine-in or take away meals/beverages (the discount is not available on retail purchases)





The Bavarian Manly

Monday to Thursday: half-litre beer with the price $12,50 for $8,50.

Everyday: Butterscotch for $5,00




Vini's Manly

10% discount in Prato Feito (PF), Moqueca and Feijoada.



BBQ Ready

10% discount on each purchase



Crafty Cuts

10% discount


Get a free soft drink on Mondays and Tuesdays with any meal purchased.

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