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Letter of reference for getting a job in Australia

Have you had a good relationship with your previous employer?

If the answer is yes, take advantage of it and ask for a job reference! Written references are very often used by employers to assess the different candidates - especially if you have no experience in Australia yet. Letter of reference is often an essential part of your application.

Check below a template of a letter of reference and send it to your former bosses! If you have a Reference letter from your previous employer from your country that is written in your language, simply make your own translation of the letter and attach it to the original.

Company Name:



To may it whom concern

I hereby confirm that Ms/Mr worked as a Project Assistant from January 2002 to July 2006. In her job, she was responsible for communication with clients, preparing months reports, writing months transactions, working in a team and assured logistics in our depot.

Ms/Mr . is quick learner, bright, hard-working and has a wonderful attitude. It has been a pleasure having her work in our office. I would definitely recommend for future employment in the business industry.


Best regards,


Name and Position



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