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Tax File Number (TFN)

Why do I need a Tax File Number?

In order to work in Australia, you must have your Tax File Number to declare your income and a pay taxes in regards to them. It is quite easy to apply for your TFN. All you will need is your passport and the application is free of charge.


Can I work before I get my TFN?

After you lodge your online application, you are already considered as a TFN holder. Consequently, you can start working - making clear to your employer that your TFN number will be supplied in some weeks.


Where can I apply for my TFN? How long will it take to get one?

You can go to www.ato.gov.au to apply online. Information Planet team help you with the submission of this application in any of our offices in Australia.
As soon as you get to Australia come to the closet Information Planet office and we will provide you with a “step by step” manual that will allow you to apply for your TFN in less than 20 minutes. Manuals in English, Portuguese and Spanish are available at our receptions.
Your TFN number is sent to you maximum 28 days after submission of your application. It will be sent by post to the address you nominate in your application.


Important advice for you!

Consider carefully the address you state to receive of your TFN, because it can take 28 days to be delivered. If you are not sure about the address of your stay in this period of time, we advice you to put the address of your school or of the any Information Planet offices.


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